Ev Religioso

Ev Religioso

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First Name * Ev
Last Name * Religioso
Username * Ev
Country * USA
Languages English



Website www.polyanomaly.com


Cinematic artist and animator with film background and experience in many aspects of the cinematic pipeline- from storyboarding, directing a mocap shoot, implementing the mocap, all the way to final render and composition. Experienced in dealing with technical issues of getting cinematics to work properly in a game engine. Also, well suited to lead artists, coordinate and manage schedules, in addition to directing artistic aspects of cinematics.


Film background, storyboarding / animatic experience, character hand-animation, mocap direction / cleanup, lighting for cinematics. Additional experience in human anatomy and physiology, kinesiology.

Adobe Premiere Pro , Photoshop, After Effects
3DS Max & Character Studio, Combustion
Sony Vegas
Microsoft Excel

Titles Shipped:
Saints Row 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
Saints Row (Xbox 360)
The Punisher (Xbox, PS2, PC)

Upcoming Titles:
Red Faction: Guerrilila (Xbox 360, PS3)